Más allá de las palabras

Book Cover

Más allá de las palabras

By Olga Gallego Smith, Concepción B. Godev, Mary Jane Kelley

The Third Edition of Más allá de las palabras, Intermediate Spanish is designed for use at the third and fourth semesters of college study. It uses a wealth of culturally rich content as the basis for intermediate level language study, and leads students to accomplish meaningful communication in Spanish while making connections to other disciplines such as history, geography, politics, music and literature. Más allá systematically prompts students to make comparisons between Hispanic cultures and their own, and to use their knowledge of English grammar to support their learning of Spanish. The integrated, comparative approach to culture equips learners to explore Spanish-speaking communities in the real world and to engage with people in those communities.

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Hear from our Authors

Graduated learning

Graduated learning leads to a smooth transition between the first and second year of language study.

Integration of culture and language

Rich and effective integration of culture and language. Each chapter focuses on a set of topics related to a broad cultural theme and fully integrates it with language development. A motivational approach introduces literature with selections that reflect one of the chapter’s cultural themes and activities that require students to interact personally with the text.

Simplified instructional techniques

follows a structure that divides complex activities into subtasks and builds skills gradually.

Development strategies

Development strategies for all four skills prepare students for future courses in composition, conversation, literature, and civilization.

Grammar activities

Grammar activities have been revised throughout, with new mechanical and form-focused activities in each tema.

Vocabulario esencial

A new Vocabulario esencial feature integrates practical, every-day vocabulary into each set of grammar activities.

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Olga Gallego Smith was born in Spain and raised in Venezuela. After graduating with a B.A. in English from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, she came to the United States to attend graduate school at Penn State University, where she earned a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics. Olga has been a teacher for more than 30 years, and she can’t think of a better profession in which to work..

Concepción Godev became interested in the field of second language teaching and learning when she was hired as a language teaching assistant at Dickinson College. She went on to graduate school at Penn State University, where she earned a Ph.D. in the field of Applied Linguistics. Concepción’s research in this field as well as the hundreds of language students that she has taught have inspired her current approach to teaching that prompts such comments from students as, “She makes her students feel comfortable speaking in class (even if we make tons of mistakes).”

As a faculty member in the Department of Modern Languages at Ohio University, Mary Jane Kelley teaches a wide range of Spanish language and literature classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Although her research focuses on medieval Spain, some of her more rewarding classroom experiences derive from helping beginning and intermediate students advance in linguistic and cultural proficiency. Mary Jane directed OU’s second-year Spanish language program from 2004-2012, during which time hundreds of OU students studied Spanish in the context of high-interest cultural material from Más allá de las palabras.

Capítulo 1: Nuestra identidad
Capítulo 2: Las relaciones de nuestra gente
Capítulo 3: Nuestra comunidad bicultural
Capítulo 4: La diversidad de nuestras costumbres y creencias
Capítulo 5: Nuestra herencia indígena, africana y española
Capítulo 6: Tradición y modernidad (México y España)
Capítulo 7: Ideologías de nuestra sociedad (Países del Caribe)
Capítulo 8: Explorar nuestro mundo (Centroamérica)
Capítulo 9: Nuestra herencia precolombina (Países andinos)
Capítulo 10: Nuestra presencia en el mundo (Países del cono sur)

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